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Brockport / Procurement & Payment / Procurement Card / Audit Requirements

Procurement & Payment Services

Audit Requirements

Procurement & Payment Services as well as the Office of the State Comptroller may elect to audit any and all Purchasing Card accounts at any time. Typically, the following information is reviewed during an audit:

  • Paperwork is maintained properly (i.e., original receipts with respective statements, maintenance in a secure location, confidentiality upheld, etc.) and reflects a complete procurement record, beginning to end.
  • Types of purchases made are within program guidelines and NYS Finance Laws (i.e., split ordering, restricted items, for official State use with appropriate backup provided when applicable, travel expenses, etc.)
  • Items purchased are from permissible sources and/or NYS contracts, Preferred Sources, M/WBE's are utilized whenever possible.
  • Returns are handled properly (i.e., call tags and RA numbers, proper use of Credit Pending Form, credits received on proper account, etc.)
  • Incorrect billings are handled properly (i.e., sales tax charges, incorrectly charged items, shipping charges, proper use of Credit Pending Form, credits received on proper account, etc.)
  • Charges made to account are for product received and/or service rendered (no pre-payments)
  • Documentation for specific events related to the purchase is maintained with the order form.
  • Pricing quoted is considered fair and reasonable from reliable/responsible vendors and is billed as expected.
  • All levels of authorization are being adhered to.
  • Based on the results of an individual audit, a follow-up audit may be required at a future date.

Following the completion of an internal audit of an VISA Purchasing Card account by Procurement & Payment Services, the cardholder and respective department manager will receive copies of audit reports. These audit reports include discrepancies that were noted during the audit as well as suggestions for improvements. The following are guidelines established by The College at Brockport's internal controls:

  • Any purchase made that is deemed an inappropriate State expenditure is required to have reimbursement to the respective State account using non-State funds and documentation indicating such forwarded to the Program Administrator immediately.
  • Any cardholder found not to follow guidelines requires that department managers exercise greater involvement and knowledge of the purchasing practices of the program and cardholder.
  • Any cardholder that does not adhere to fiscal and procedural limitations may be placed on temporary suspension of card privileges or permanent revocation of the card.

Last Updated 12/9/15