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Procurement & Payment Services

Computer Hardware

Procurement & Payment Services (P&PS) and Information Technology Services (ITS) have worked together to develop an organized workflow plan that will assist departments in specifying and obtaining standardized computer equipment, including Apple iPads. This will allow for improved support services from ITS by making sure that all systems meet campus minimum requirements, that limited resources are spent appropriately and that systems are not configured with unnecessary features that will raise the purchase price.

This process is being supported by the College Technology Council, ITS and Procurement & Payment Services. Effective April 2, 2007, the following procedures were put into place:

  • Requesters must use the new Technology Procurement System (TPS) to obtain an approval code for each purchase requisition prior to submitting the requisition to P&PS.
  • ITS staff will review each transmission and contact departments if changes are necessary to the computer specifications.
  • Once approved by ITS, the ordering department and P&PS will be notified via email showing the appropriate approval code.
  • The approval code number should be referenced on the requisition form by the ordering department when submitted to P&PS.
  • The purchase order will be generated and delivery will be made directly to ITS.
  • ITS will set-up and deliver the equipment to the ordering department.

Procurement & Payment Services and ITS strive to ensure campus computer equipment can be properly serviced by ITS and that departments are getting the best price available. Your cooperation with this policy is appreciated. Questions concerning this process should be directed to the ITS Help Desk at x5151.

Below are several NYS Contracts available for the purchase of desktops, laptops and printers. More can be found by searching OGS contracts:

Dell Marketing LP
New York State Contract PT65340
Contact: Chris Elliott
Tel: 800-981-3355, Ext. 5138868
Fax: 512-283-0510

Hewlett-Packard Company
New York State Contract PT65350
System Management Planning
Contact: Evyn Grassi

Hewlett-Packard and Brother printers are available for purchase through the following MBE:

Gholkar's Inc
Contact: Cathy Williams
Tel: (585) 924-2050 x110
Toll Free: (800) 888-4920 x110
Fax.: (585) 924-2084

For more information, please contact:

Stacie Treahy at ext 5150


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