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Travel Agency

Due to State policy changes, effective November 17, 2014, The College at Brockport will no longer be able to charge travel expenses against their departmental accounts through the Albany Travel Agency (CTA). To make this as smooth a transition as possible, the following new procedures have been implemented:

Travelers will be responsible for booking and paying for airfare purchases independently. Reimbursement will be made via the Travel Voucher.

In consideration of the cost of airfare and the need to book in advance to receive lower rates, reimbursement for airfare only can be made prior to the event, with departmental approval. If approved, please complete and submit the Prepaid Airfare Reimbursement Form along with the proof of payment, justification of travel, and a Travel Voucher to Procurement & Payment Services prior to your trip.

For frequent travelers who do not currently have a State Travel Card, the College will review requests for a Travel Card based on necessity and frequency of travel. Please e-mail all Travel Card requests to Mary Covell.

Please direct all questions or concerns regarding these changes to Mary Covell, ext. 2338.

Last Updated 12/9/15