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Procurement & Payment Services

Passenger Vehicle Rentals for College-Related Business

There is a State Contract in effect with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Hertz for passenger vehicle rentals for College business travel.


Rates: Compact four-door sedan - $30.84 per day; Mid-size four-door sedan - $32.71 per day; Full-size sedan - $35.26/day (no per mile charge); Minivan - $52.93/per day. These rates now include insurance so damage waivers are no longer required. Long term rentals (over 30 days) will be prorated differently and should be booked through the rental office directly and not online.

There are now two options available for renting through Enterprise:

For your convenience, the corporate contract numbers that you will need when booking with Enterprise to obtain the contract rates are as follows:

  • Direct Billing Number: if requested, contact Mary Covell, x2338
  • SUNY Brockport code: P85634
  • For rentals INSIDE and OUTSIDE New York State: NA24NYS

If you use the NA24NYS, it will provide you with all rates, in and out of state. In addition, The College at Brockport was issued their own code by Enterprise: P85634. You can use that code or the NA24NYS for all rentals, whichever is easier. Enterprise issued specific codes to SUNY and state agencies for tracking but either code will provide you with the same rate.



To rent a vehicle through Enterprise Rent-A-Car using the new online tool, you may access the rental booking system through the OGS website at and clicking "Reserve Online". Follow the steps below to complete your rental:

  • Choose either an In State or Out of State rental by clicking "Select" next to the appropriate option.

In State Rentals

  1. To locate Brockport, click "S" then "SUNY ACCOUNTS" then "SUNY Brockport".
  2. Enter a City name or Zip Code
  3. Enter Start (rental pick up) and End (rental return) Dates and Times.
  4. Choose a Car Rental Class
  5. Select Search
  6. Select a rental car Pick Up Location
  7. Verify Vehicle Details before clicking Select and Continue
  8. Complete Renter's Details (name, phone number, etc.)
  9. Select Search
  10. Verify your reservation information and Book Your Rental
  11. Select Book Now

Out of State Rentals

  • Select either Contracted Rates or Discounted Rates
    • Compare rates from both options to determine the least expensive rates for your dates of travel
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions for In State Rentals above

Upon completion of your online reservation, you will receive a Confirmation Number. Please take this information with you when picking up the vehicle. Renters are reminded to visually inspect the entire vehicle with an Enterprise representative upon pick up and note existing damage prior to rental, especially outside roofs and windshields. Upon return of the vehicle, please have an Enterprise representative inspect for damage, before leaving the location.

Billing is not determined until the rental ticket is written at the time of pick up. If the rental is to be direct billed, the renter must request direct billing at the time of pick up and confirm the Purchase Order Number (your Purchase Requisition Number) that was entered online. If the rental is not to be direct billed, the renter must provide a personal credit card account number.

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Rent Vehicle Direct with Enterprise Office

Contact the local Brockport Office of Enterprise at (585) 637-0260 and provide the following information:

  • Name of the driver, department, type of vehicle, and pick-up/return dates.  A requisition number will be required by Enterprise as a purchase order number.
  • Prepare the requisition form and submit it to Procurement & Payment Services as soon as arrangements are made for a vehicle.
  • For all in-state rentals, Enterprise should direct bill the College.
  • All out-of-state rentals will require payment using the traveler's personal credit card. Reimbursement may be requested upon completion of the trip by submitting a travel voucher to Procurement & Payment Services.


Vehicles are available for pick-up and return at the Enterprise office located at the corners of Routes 31 and 19 in Brockport (4776 Lake Road South - near Subway). Please be aware that limited parking is available at that location for your personal vehicle while you are traveling.

Renters are reminded to visually inspect the entire vehicle with an Enterprise representative upon pick-up and note existing damage prior to rental, especially outside roofs and windshields. Upon return of the vehicle, please have an Enterprise representative inspect for damage, before leaving the location.

In case of any damages/accidents, travelers are required to notify their agency (Mary Covell, Procurement & Payment Services, at ext. 2338) as well as the OGS Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management (518-474-4725) immediately to file a claim. Claims must be filed within 20 days from the date of the incident.


NOTE: Vehicles for College-related business travel are also available through The College at Brockport's Facilities & Planning department.  For more information, contact extension 2175.

If you would like to request a copy of the Procurement & Payment Services detailed procedures for using this contract, or if you have any questions, please contact Mary Covell at ext. 2338.

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Rates: Compact sedan - $27.81 per day; Standard sedan - $31.93 per day; Full-size sedan - $33.99/day ; Minivan - $55.62/per day- (no per mile charge); Delivery of vehicle to renter and pick up of same by Hertz is available at no charge but requires 24-hour notice. For more information about this service, contact Hertz directly at the number below.

The state contract includes Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) coverage for business rentals ONLY and at the state contracted rate only at participating locations.

For online reservations, visit or call the Gates rental location at 585-426-2440 or the Rochester International Airport rental location at 585-328-3702.

Direct bill status can be obtained by providing the Hertz representative with a purchase requisition number, reservation number (when booked online) and the Corporate Discount Number (CDP #) 1946336 assigned to The College at Brockport.

If there are any questions, please contact Mary Covell, ext. 2338.

For full Hertz Rental Car Program information, please click here.

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