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Current Bid Opportunities

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The following opportunities have been advertised in the NYS Contract Reporter and are outstanding requirements at The College at Brockport. Interested parties should request full bid packages from the specific buyer indicated. Written requests should be sent via fax (585) 395-5885 or email, as indicated below, and should include the full company name, address, contact person, telephone and fax number. Be sure to indicate the bid reference number on the request so you are sure to receive the correct bid package.

Sealed bid packages will be mailed to the company name, address and contact person specified on the request. All responses are to be returned or delivered to Procurement & Payment Services, 5th floor Allen Administration, 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport NY 14420, in sealed envelopes provided with the bid packages or in sealed envelopes clearly marked as "Sealed Bid #" and the due date/time. Faxed or electronic bids cannot be accepted. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure a timely delivery of bid responses. Sealed bid openings are public and are held promptly at the specific date and time specified. All are welcome to attend.

Bids not specified as "sealed" are due as specified within the bid package. In this case, however, responses can be accepted if received via fax or electronically.

Be sure to read all information provided in the bid packages to ensure proper procedures are adhered to. Failure to comply may result in rejection of bid responses.

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Results for the above bids may be found at the Recent Bid Results once the bid has been opened and an award has been made. Check back frequently for results.

A bidder's list application is available for those interested in remaining on a bid list for specific commodities and respective bid opportunities at The College at Brockport. Please follow the instructions on the application and return via fax (585) 395-5885, electronically to Pam Powell or by mail to The College at Brockport, Attn: Pam Powell, Procurement & Payment Services, 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport NY 14420. Catalogs, line cards or any additional information about the company is welcome.

Last Updated 12/9/15