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Procurement & Payment Services

Payment Procedures

All invoices sent by the vendor should reference a valid PO# and be sent directly to The College at Brockport’s Procurement and Payment Services Office. Failure to follow this process may result in delay of payment to the vendor. It is our goal to ensure payment in a timely manner, according to the New York State Finance Laws, and to reduce the risk of paying an interest penalty and late fees. All invoices should be mailed to The College at Brockport, Payment Services, 350 New Campus Drive, Brockport NY 14420 or faxed to (585) 395-5885.


Checks are not issued from the Procurement and Payment Services Office. Invoices are processed for payment at the college with the actual check printed and mailed by the NYS Treasury Department located in Albany NY.

Invoices are usually processed for payment within three (3) business days from receipt by Procurement and Payment Services. Vendors can expect payment within 7-10 days from receipt of invoice for those amounts below $15,000 and approximately 2 weeks for invoices exceeding $15,000. Payment terms for NYS are net 30 days.

**NOTE: NYS has implemented a Statewide Financial System to establish a statewide centralized vendor file which went live in April 2012. For more information, please read this memorandum from the Office of the State Comptroller which also includes instructions for establishing electronic payments with the State of New York.

To learn how NYS vendors are impacted and what to expect during the transition, please click here.


When requesting payment for advertising, it is important to remember a tear sheet or affidavit and rate card must accompany the invoice. The end user will forward the invoice and tear sheet (or affidavit and rate card) to Payment Services with a purchase requisition. Payment cannot be made without this information. For ads placed on the web, a copy of the actual ad that you would see if you were viewing the ad online must accompany the invoice from the vendor.

Please contact a Payment Services staff member for questions and/or assistance.

Last Updated 12/9/15