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The Pre-Law Program

The College at Brockport Pre-law Program is not a degree-granting major. Our discussions with admissions professionals from various law schools reveal that law schools do not want students to major in pre-law. Law school admissions offices believe that teaching students about the law is a job best done by the law school itself. What law schools do want are students with abilities in analytical, logical and critical thinking, and superior writing and oral communication skills. The academic programs at Brockport will provide exactly that kind of instruction. In addition, we want you to have the flexibility to choose any major that excites you as you prepare for law school. Students do better when they major in fields that interest them, and maintaining a high grade point average is key to getting into the law school of your choice.

What the prelaw program at Brockport does is introduce students to law, the legal profession, and help develop key foundation skills, enabling students to make a more informed choice about a legal career. In addition, the program helps students prepare so they have a better chance of being accepted into law school and of succeeding in their legal studies and career.

Campus Pre-Law advisor

The College at Brockport has a campus pre-law advisor to assist you throughout your undergraduate experience. You’re encouraged to visit The College at Brockport and meet with the pre-law advisor. To arrange an appointment please use the following information.

Name: Mark Chadsey, JD, PhD,


Phone: (585)-395-2320

You should feel confident that in choosing The College at Brockport you are selecting a college that will do an exceptional job of preparing you for law school.

Last Updated 4/21/16