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Brockport / Pre-Law / Student's Responses

Student's Response to the Pre-law Program

While I was trying to decide whether to go to law school, the SUNY Brockport Pre-law Program was an unbelievable resource. I could not have received better preparation. The education, advice and assistance from the faculty really made the transition easy.

— Erin Murphy '00,
     Second-year Student
     Georgetown Law School

The curriculum design of the Pre-law Program at SUNY Brockport gave me a realistic glimpse into life as a law student, allowing me to successfully attend a top-tier law school, without any of the surprises that other law students face.

— Marian Gentzel '00,
     First-year Student
     Tulane University Law School

The courses I had access to as a SUNY Brockport student truly helped prepare me for the challenges I was about to face while studying law. As a second-year student at the University at Buffalo Law School, I can reflect on the education I received at SUNY Brockport and know that I am as well prepared, and at times better prepared than many of my classmates.

— Avik Ganguly '00,
     Second-year Student
     University of Buffalo Law School

Last Updated 4/21/16