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The College at Brockport Emergency Information

As of Apr 29, 2016 all classes and activities are in session.

Sign up for NY Alert!

By signing up for NY-Alert, you can receive warnings and emergency information via the web, your cell phone, email and other technologies. Signing up for NY Alert is free. Your information is protected and never shared with anyone else.

The College at Brockport takes pride in providing a safe environment for our students to succeed. Brockport has taken numerous measures to ensure all campus community members are informed. This site contains critical information and links to resources. It is imperative that everyone be prepared before an emergency occurs, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our emergency website content. Brockport utilizes a comprehensive approach to emergency management including pre-incident planning, emergency response communication systems, a crisis management program for faculty and staff, along with operational recovery strategies.

Please check it often for updates and new information.

Emergency Numbers

Emergencies(585) 395-2222
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Any Blue Light Phone
Non-Emergencies(585) 395-22262226
Campus Health Center(585) 395-24142414
Campus Counseling Center(585) 395-22072207
Technology Help Desk(585) 395-51515151
Facilities Help Desk(585) 395-24082408
Interfaith Campus Ministries(585) 395-52455245
Newman Catholic Center(585) 637-5036N/A
Employee Assistance Program(585) 395-51175117
Environmental Health & Safety(585) 395-20052005
Parking Services(585) 395-72757275


External resources
Be informed
Build a kit

Flashpoint: Violence on Campus Focuses on how to recognize and prevent violence from happening on campus
Shots Fired Provides guidance for surviving an active shooter incident
Silent Storm Looks at intimate partner violence/stalking and how it can impact the workplace
Workplace Violence Teaches how to recognize and prevent violence in a workplace setting