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Brockport / President's Office / President Halstead's Goals

President Halstead's Goals for The College at Brockport

  1. Photo: John R. Halstead, PhDBuild on our academic excellence including not only our rising reputation as a top SUNY institution, but also to encompass recognition of our faculty for scholarly endeavors, research dollars and our prestigious graduate programs.
  2. Continue to underscore our core values of student success and shared governance.
  3. Make an institution-wide commitment to embracing diversity in its fullest sense by setting goals and linking these goals with Middle States’ expectations and our own expectations for achieving a more inclusive community.
  4. Implement Strategic Plan II and allocate resources for designated implementation.
  5. Address the physical plant — both new facilities and upgrading the existing facilities and technology — to enhance the living and learning environment for all.
  6. Engage the entire campus in the Mission Review II process in the 2005-06 academic year prior to our final sign-off to SUNY.
  7. Plan to publicly launch The College at Brockport’s comprehensive campaign in concert with the Foundation Board, College Council and Alumni Board.
  8. Strengthen Brockport’s presence and visibility within the colleges in the Greater Rochester Area using the MetroCenter as a focal point for collaboration and enhanced visibility through greater utilization and marketing.
  9. Celebrate the successes of our students, faculty, staff and alumni as a point of pride for the College.

Last Updated 2/28/12