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Programs and Services

Prevention and Outreach Services programs can be requested through


Sexy Bingo

This is our most popular program! It’s time to talk about sex! Join Prevention and Outreach Services for an energetic and engaging new version of Sexy Bingo!

HeadBandz (Formerly "What Drug is It Anyway?")

Join us for a game show format to learn about alcohol, other drugs and Party Smart tips. We’ll take a look at trends on campus, with college students in general, and the community at large.

Mental Health Guess Who

Friendly competition provides the opportunity to discover which celebrities have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. Through increased knowledge regarding mental illnesses, participants will recognize that mental illness does not have a certain "look" and that individuals can be successful while learning to cope with mental illness.



I Can’t Even Think Straight

Host I Can’t Even Think Straight for a night of LGBTQA trivia! In this program we will break down the meaning of all the “letters,” take a quizzical look at pop culture and explore relationship violence within the LGBTQA community. The trivia format creates a fun, competitive program complete with prizes!


Like. Tweet. Snap. Text. The majority of the members of our campus community are on some form of social media. iRespect explores online social media presence, healthy relationships, stalking and the Brockport campus environment. Have you ever Googled yourself?

Hook Up BPT

Surely one of our most requested programs! Hook Up BPT explores the concepts of a campus hookup and party culture by evoking conversation from students in the room! With the help of YouTube videos and current research, we talk about what the hookup culture is, do we have one here, and what if you don't want to be a part of it or do want to be a part of it?

Caught in a Bad Romance

Explore what characteristics make up healthy and unhealthy relationships. Our Peer Educators will talk through what students want out of a relationship, what healthy relationships look like and how to help a friend in need.

Last Updated 9/16/15