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Amanda R. Lipko-Speed

Amanda Lipko-Speed

Contact Info:

135 Holmes Hall
Office Phone: (585) 395-5082






B.A., Psychology, The College of New Jersey

M.A., Experimental Psychology, Kent State University

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, Kent State University

Research Interests:

Development of metacognition, an individual's reflective awareness of their own thinking and knowledge, in childhood.  Specifically, children's overconfidence in their cognitive abilities.


Lipko-Speed, A. R., Dunlosky, J., & Rawson, K.A. (in press).  Does testing with feedback help grade-school children learn key concepts in science? Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition.

Lipko-Speed, A.R. (2013).  Can young children be more accurate predictors of their recall performance? Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 114, 357-363.

Lipko, A.R., Dunlosky, J., Lipowski, S.L., & Merriman, W.E. (2012).  Young children are not underconfident with practice: The benefit of ignoring a fallible memory heuristic.  Journal of Cognition and Development, 13(2), 174-188.

Dunlosky, J., Hartwig, M., Rawson, K.A., Lipko, A.R. (2011). Improving college students' evaluation of text learning using idea-unit standards. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 64 (3), 467–484.

Lipko, A.R., Dunlosky, J., Hartwig, M., Rawson, K.A., Swan, K., & Cook, D.L. (2009).  Using standards to improve middle-school students’ accuracy at evaluating the quality of their recall.  Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 15, 307-318. 

Lipko, A.R., Dunlosky, J., & Merriman, W.E.  (2009). Persistent overconfidence despite practice: The role of task experience in preschoolers’ recall predictions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 103, 152-166.

Merriman, W.E., Lipko, A.R., & Evey, J.A.  (2008).  How young children judge whether a word is one they know: A dual criterion account.  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 101, 83-98.

Merriman, W.E. &  Lipko, A.R. (2008).  A dual criterion account of the development of linguistic judgment in early childhood. Journal of Memory and Language, 58, 1012-1031.

Dunlosky, J., & Lipko, A.R.  (2007). Metacomprehension: A brief history and how to improve its accuracy.  Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16(4), 228-232.












Academic Advisement Award, The College at Brockport, University Wide Award

Pre-Tenure Grants Development Award ($2000) – The College of Brockport, Grants Development Office

UUP Individual Development Grant

Reuter Fellowship in Developmental Science, Kent State University

Teaching Fellow, Graduate Assistant Orientation Program, Kent State University


PSH 110 - Principles of Psychology
PSH 384 - Child Psychology
PSH 446/546 - Cognitive Development
PSH 684 Developmental Psychology


Amanda R. Lipko-Speed