APA Style
6th Edition

What is this application about?

This instructional computer application is designed to introduce you to the use of APA format when writing a research paper.


You will find 5 concept questions (labeled "Quiz-me") embedded in the following pages to allow you to assess how well you are learning the material. Be sure to check your answers At the end of the application, you can print out a certificate with your score to submit to your instructor.


You can access more information by placing your cursor over the blue text or clicking the left mouse button on blue underlined text. Scroll through the pages in this application by clicking on the "next page" function at the bottom of the screen.

Sections of an APA Report Include:


This instructional application is based on the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010).


Title Page Content Includes:


Abstract Includes:

•Title labeled 'Abstract' in bold typed at top center of the page

•Summary of the entire paper that is double spaced, no first line indentation, and ranges from 150 to 250 words specifying:



Introduction Section Includes:

     Example of a paper.pdf (click on this text)

  Highlights of a research article


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Introduction Section Continued: Citing Others' Work

Use Author (year) format for the following sentence structure:

Use Author et al. (year) when

Method Section Includes:

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Results Section Includes:

Example.pdf (click on this text)


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Discussion Section Includes:

Example.pdf (click on this text)


Reference Page Includes


 Reference format guide for different sources.pdf (click on this text)

 Example.pdf (click on this text)


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