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Department of Psychology Faculty

Faculty Research Interests
Lori-Ann B. Forzano PhD, SUNY Stony Brook
(585) 395-2759
Human learning; choice behavior; research methods; eating and drinking
Associate Professors

Department Chair

David Abwender, PhD, University of Miami
(585) 395-5559

Psychological and neuropsychological assessment and test development; clinical neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry; health psychology; relationship of stress/coping and personality variables to central nervous system pathology 
Stacy Birch, PhD,
University of Illinois

(585) 395-2484

Language comprehension; reading impairment; memory

Kelly Brennan-Jones, PhD,
SUNY Buffalo 
(585) 395-5553

Personality and social-psychological influences on close relationship processes; attachment measurement; attachment theory applied to the study of adult emotions, cognitions and behaviors, including romantic love, the self, touch, individual adaptation, and relational optimism

Marcie Desrochers, PhD, BCBA-D
University of Manitoba
(585) 395-5634
Applied behavior analysis; training of applied behavior analysts; evaluation of instructional software; teaching functional behavioral assessment and treatment approaches for individuals with developmental disabilities/autism; environmental psychology & 'green' behavior

Janet F. Gillespie, PhD,
Southern Illinois University
(585) 395-2433

On Sabbatical Fall, 2015

Positive Psychology; community psychology and prevention; social support; quality of life issues; social cognition and social problem solving; intervention with families at risk for psychopathology.

Associate Chair

Amanda Lipko-Speed, PhD,
Kent State University
(585) 395-5082

On Sabbatical Fall, 2015

The development of metacognition in childhood. (Children's overconfidence in their own cognitive abilities)

Laurel McNall, PhD,
(585) 395-2904

Employee attitudes; work-family issues; technology in the workplace

Jennifer Ratcliff, PhD,
Ohio University
(585) 395-2685

On Sabbatical Spring, 2016
Stigma; Posttraumatic growth and bullying; Stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination; Social Perception; The impact of pride displays on behavior toward marginalized groups;The role of race in juror decision making

Susan Shonk, PhD,
University of Rochester
(585) 395-5132

Developmental psychopathology; development of emotional regulation and autonomy; family intervention programs based on attachment theory

Director of MA in Psychology Program

Sara Margolin, PhD,
University of Florida
(585) 395-2908

Age-related effects on language at both the word and sentence levels and on spelling. Also interested in the effects of negation on reading comprehension in older adults
Assistant Professors  

Caitlin C. Abar, PhD,
Pennsylvania State University
(585) 395-5774

Social influences (parent and peer) on youth substance use; Latent variable modeling of adolescent and emerging adult development; Developmentally appropriate measurement

Melissa Brown, PhD,
Indiana University
(585) 395-2488
Meditation and Executive Function

James E. Witnauer, PhD, State University of New York at Binghamton
(585) 395-2286

Elemental information processing in humans and sometimes nonhuman animals

Jeffery D. Snarr, PhD
Stony Brook University
(585) 395-2050

Parental attributions; prediction and prevention of family violence; public mental health; peer-mediated group therapy
Emeritus Professors:  
Herbert C. Fink, PhD,
University of Rochester
(585) 395-5635
Social psychology