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Brockport / Pub. Admin. / Faculty and Staff / J. Gerard Caillier, PhD

J. Gerard Caillier, PhD

Assistant Professor

107 MetroCenter
55 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY 14604
(585) 395-5564



MPA, PhD in Public Policy, Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
Southern University - Baton Rouge
BGS, University of Louisiana - Lafayette


Performance Management, Public Budgeting, Organizational Effectiveness, Policy Adoption and Execution


Caillier, J.G. Paying Teachers According to Student Achievement: Questions Regarding Pay-For-Performance Models in Public Education. The Clearing House, in press.

Caillier, J.G. Centralized Customer Service: What Local Government Characteristics Influence its Acceptance and Usage of Information? Public Administration & Management, in press.

Caillier, J.G. 2009. Do Race and Gender Influence the Utilization of Invasive Procedures when Patients have Medicaid or Free Care? Online Journal of Rural and Urban Research 1(1):10-21.

Caillier, J.G., S.C. Brown, S. Parsons, P.J. Ardoin, and P. Cruise. (2008). Patient Preferences: Do they Contribute to Healthcare Racial Disparities? Ethnicity & Disease 18(1):89-92.

Caillier, J.G. 2007. The No Child Left Behind Act: Are States on Target to Make Their Goals? The Journal of Negro Education 76(4):582-596.

Caillier, J.G., S.C. Brown, S. Parsons, P.J. Ardoin, and P. Cruise. (2007). Physician Bias: Does it Occur at Teaching Hospitals that Serve a Majority of African American Patients? Ethnicity & Disease 17(3):461-466.

Caillier, J.G. 2006. Do Disparities Exist at Hospitals that Serve Majority Black Populations when Patients Present with IHD and MI? Journal of Cultural Diversity 13(4):202-207.

Caillier, J.G., S.C. Brown, S. Parsons, P.J. Ardoin, and P. Cruise.(2004). The Effect of Race and Gender on Invasive Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease. Journal of Cultural Diversity 11(3):80-87. (Featured Article)


Caillier, J.G. (2009). A Tale of Two Performance Management Systems. The Public Manager 37(4):28-30.

Caillier, J.G., S.C. Brown, S. Parsons, P.J. Ardoin, and P. Cruise. (2008). For the Patient: Do Black and White Patients Accept and Reject Doctor Recommendations For Heart Treatments at the Same Rate? Ethnicity & Disease 18(1):109.

Caillier, J.G. (2007). Performance Management in Elementary and Secondary Public School Systems. PA Times 30(10):4.

Caillier, J.G., S.C. Brown, S. Parsons, P.J. Ardoin, and P. Cruise. (2007). For the Patient: Does Race Play a Role in Doctors’ Treatment Decisions. Ethnicity & Disease 17(3):587.


Caillier, J.G.(2008). Managerial Discretion: Just How Much Discretion Should Public Mangers Have? The American Review of Public Administration 38(3):382-384.

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