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Certificate in Arts Administration

NOTE: The Certificate in Arts Administration is available only to students matriculated in either the Master of Public Administration (MPA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program through the Visual Studies Workshop at the College at Brockport.

Course Requirements for the Certificate in Arts Administration

Students must have a grade of 3.0/4.0 (“B” or better) four graduate courses. MFA students pursuing the certificate must complete at least two of the four courses from the MPA list of courses, and MPA students must complete at least two of the four courses from the MFA list of courses. This curricular structure offers flexibility to students who often have strong experience in one or more of these courses and allows faculty to accommodate special goals and needs through advisement.

Applicable courses for the Advanced Certificate through the Public Administration Department:

PAD 601 Leading Organizational Change
PAD 629 Fundraising and Development
PAD 637 Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
PAD 640 Financial Management
PAD 644 Supervision Skills
PAD 653 Ethics for Managers
PAD 661 Creating an Empowered Organization
PAD 678 Nonprofit Management
PAD 679 Grantwriting/Grant Management
PAD 682 Organizational Behavior
PAD 685 Human Resources Management
PAD 687 Statistics for Managers
PAD 688 Research and Program Evaluation

Applicable courses for the Advanced Certificate through the Visual Studies Workshop:

Visual Art History and Related Issues
ARH 565 Alt Views of Art: Spring (even years 2016, 18, 20, etc.) 
ARH 563 Contemporary Image Survey: Fall (even years 2016, 18, 20, etc.) 
ARH 660 or 661 History of Photo I or II: Spring (odd years 2015, 17 19, etc)
ARH 664 Media Culture: Fall (odd years, i.e. 2015, 17 19, etc)
Exhibition, Visual Display, and Museum Studies
ART 535 Expanded Issues in Exhibition Spring only (offered every spring starting 2016)
ARH 661 History of Photo II: : Spring (odd years 2015, 17 19, etc)
Practica and Internships offered every semester customizable to students’ interests through advising
ART 735 Arts Organization Practicum 
ART 790 Internship 

Course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Studies Catalog.
Course schedule information is available here.

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