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Graduate Studies

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degree Programs

The core academic program in the Department of Public Administration is the Master of Public Administration program, a professional degree accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). The MPA is available in three emphases: General Public Administration, Health Care Management, and Nonprofit Management . To receive the MPA, students complete 42 credits of graduate course work including the Portfolio or Project Paper. Degree requiremetns for the MPA degree.

Common Core, Required Courses in all Emphases 6 Courses (18 cr.)

PAD 640 Financial Management
PAD 682 Organizational Behavior
PAD 685 Human Resource Management
PAD 687 Statistics for Managers
PAD 688 Research and Program Evaluation
PAD 696 Portfolio Seminar

Emphasis in General Public Administration, Required Courses in addition to Core 3 Courses (9 cr.)

PAD 641 Foundations of Public Administration
PAD 681 Strategic Management for Public Organizations
PAD 683 Intergovernmental Relations

Emphasis in Health Care Management, Required Courses in addition to Core 3 Courses (9 cr.)

PAD 613 Health Care in America
PAD 619 Financial Administration of Health Care (prerequisite is PAD 640)
PAD 681 Strategic Management for Public Organizations

Emphasis in Non-Profit Management, Required Courses in addition to Core 3 Courses (9 cr.)

PAD 646 Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector
PAD 680 Public Policy or PAD 641 Foundations of Public Administration
PAD 678 Nonprofit Management

Electives for all Emphases 5 Courses (15 cr.)

For all emphases students take 5 courses of elective credit. These are selected in consultation with an advisor.

Graduate Certificate Programs

The MPA program also offers two graduate certificate programs: a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and a Certificate in Arts Administration in conjunction with the Visual Studies Workshop. For more information: Certificate Programs

4 + 1 Combined Program: Bachelor of Science in Political Science and MPA

The 4+1 Combined Program is available for qualified political science majors at Brockport. For detailed information on the department’s 4 + 1 Combined Program, visit (Note: Political science students in the 4 + 1 combined political science/public administration degree program who have completed at least 120 credits are determined to have graduate status, and are therefore, at that point, subject to the graduate policies of the Office of Graduate Studies and the Department of Public Administration.).

Elective and Transfer Credit Policies
Degree Requirements

*The MPA curriculum, course requirements, schedule, and/or prerequisites are subject to change.

Last Updated 3/26/13


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