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Course Schedule Information

Number Title Summer Fall Winter Spring Faculty
601 Leading Org Chng         Kralles
602 Econ for Public Mgrs   M     Yeung
612 HYB-Negotiation Mgt   R     Prather
613 Hea Care America   online    online Callier
619 Fin Mgt Hlthcare       Yeung
622 HYB-Legal Aspects Pa TR     Rowe/Yeung
629 Fundrsing & Devl   online     Wright
640 Financial Mgt   W   Caillier
641 Foundations of PA online   online   online Caillier
644 Supervision Skls         Kralles
646 HYB-Fndtns NonProfit       R Wright
653 Ethics in Admin online       Watt
661 HYB-Empowerd Org         Kralles
666 Computer Apps       W Downey
664 Nonprft Advocacy online       Monzel
678 HYB-Nonprofit Mgt   R   T Wright
680 Public Policy       T Yeung
681 HYB-Str Mgt Pub Org   T   T Prather
682 Org Behavior   M   M Prather
683 Inter Gov Rel   T    W Wright
684 Public Budgeting     M-F   Yeung
685 Hum Res Mgt   W   R LaPorta
687.61 Stat For Managrs   online   R Downey
687.62 Stat For Managrs       online Downey
688 Research&Pro Evl  online T   W Yeung
694 Internship online online   online Wright
696 Portfolio Seminar online online   online Various

Classes usually meet 1 day per week from 5:30 to 8:15 PM at the MetroCenter.
Hybrid (HYB) classes have some online content and do not meet every week.
Classes designed as "online" offer all content online and have no meetings.

*The 3 semester template is for planning purposes.
*Course availability cannot be guaranteed.

Last Updated 11/22/13


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