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Quality Service Initiative

Quality Service Awards

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Adele Catlin Memorial Award

Description: Adele Catlin maintained a long and distinguished career at The College at Brockport in a secretarial role. In honor and remembrance of her hard work and diligence, the Adele Catlin Memorial Award seeks to pay tribute to an employee of our office support staff who emulates the traits and performance that marked her service.
These traits include, but are not limited to:

  • A high level of loyalty to the goals and purpose of the College
  • Approaching tasks with a cheerful, positive, and constructive attitude
  • Takes initiative willingly to solve problems
  • Exhibits a high level of proficiency in performing office tasks
  • Is held in high esteem
  • Assumes responsibilities that go well beyond the usual requirements of the position

2009 Recipient

Sandra Mullin, Professions


Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation Awards

Description: Each year BASC selects two past employees that exemplified the tennets of customer service. An award is given to two current employees that operate at the high standard their predecessors have set.

2009 Recipients

Outstanding Performance Award in Memory of Jessie Stirk: Diana Rood, Brockway Dining Hall
Outstanding Service Award in Memory of Barbara Baney: Gina Maclaren, Garnishes Catering


Chancellor's Award(s) for Excellence (quality service oriented)

Description: The Chancellor's Awards for Excellence supply SUNY system-wide recognition for consistently superior professional achievement. These awards underscore SUNY's commitment to sustaining intellectual vibrancy, advancing the boundaries of knowledge, providing the highest quality of instruction, and serving the public good.
Excellence in Classified Service - Awardee must perform superbly at their job duties. Awardee must also demonstrate flexibility, creativity, and a high level of quality service.
Excellence in Faculty Service - Awardee must demonstrate over a number of years a stong commitment and skill set applied within the classroom, the institution, and the community.
Excellence in Librarianship - Awardee must perform superbly in their librarianship duties. In addition, the awardee must be generous with personal time and be easily accessable. The awardee must be flexible and readily adapt to the needs of constituants served.
Excellence in Professional Service - Awardee must perform superbly in their professional duties. Consideration is given to acomplishments in leadership, decision making and problem solving.
Excellence in Teaching - Awardee must perform superbly in the classroom and maintain a flexible instruction policy that adapts to student needs, interests, and problems.


2009 Recipients

Excellence in Faculty Service -Donald Murray, Physical Education and Sport
Excellence in Librarianship - N/A
Excellence in Professional Service -Marcella Esler, Student Retention
Excellence in Teaching - Alicia Chase, Art
Excellence in Classified Service - Sue Arno, Facilities - Administration


Outstanding Academic Advising Award

Description: Students at The College at Brockport receive advice regarding their career choices, college learning experiences, and class selection from faculty and staff who work in a variety of offices.  The Outstanding Academic Advising Award(s) recognizes faculty or staff members from whom students have received excellent academic advisement. Award recipients are chosen from among the faculty and staff nominated by students.


2009 Recipients

Denise Copelton, Sociology
Laurie Cook, Biological Sciences
Matthew Mulvaney, Psychology

The College at Brockport Outstanding Service Award

Description: The Outstanding Service to Student's Award(s) recognizes individuals that consistently provide outstanding service to students outside the classroom. The Outstanding Service to the College Award(s) recognizes individuals that consistently operate at an outstanding level within their job duties. A high level of quality service must also be apparent in the awardees interactions with any parents, peers, students, and other agencies the employee services.

2009 Recipients:

To Students:
Teri Rombaut, History
Nancy O’Connor, Information Technology Services
Doug Steffen, Facilities – Zones

To the College:
Rosemary Wilson, Procurement & Payment Services
Marsha Crawford, Facilities - Custodial
Janet Roy, Marketing Communications