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Quality Service Initiative

Quality Service Traits & Characteristics

*Determined by Quality Service Training feedback




*Team work
*Willingness to help
*Anticipate potential questions
*"Go the extra mile"
*Follow the "Golden Rule"
*Look for alternative solutions to meet their needs
*If do not know an answer, make an appropriate referral
*Admit you do not have an answer. Then find it or direct to the right source
*Refer to the right person
*Offer to help without strings

Knowledgeable *Attentive to organization's mission and goals
*Use other resources to help you answer the question instead of just transfering
*Clear understanding of your resources - who does what and how to contact them
*Clear explanation of policy and procedure
*Attention to detail
Confidential *Understands & follows policies, rules, & regulations
*Knows what to say and what not to say
*Keeps business and personal "things" quiet
*Keeps information private
*No gossiping
*Stops others from gossiping
Professional *Flexible
*Prompt & timely
*Honest & truthful
*Separate personal "feelings" from process
*Stay calm
*Not taking "things" personally
*Positive attitude & tone
*Good eye contact and body language
*Tactful in saying no
*Being careful in just saying "I don't know"
*"Close the loop" - get back to the person to let them know when issue is resolved
"Customer" Focused *Clear, concise, and timely communication
*Correct, accurate information the first time
*Understands and appreciates the other's situation
*Understand who you are serving - recognize your perception
*Personalize your routine
*Personally connects with the other person
*Listening to truly understand the "customer's real" needs
*Satisfy the "customer's" needs
Friendly *Says "Good morning"
*Saying *Please & Thank you"
*Open & accessible
*Open body language
*Positive tone in voice