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Residence Council

  Making the most out of your college experience

Residence Council (RC) is not just about paying a fee to use the pool equipment. Residence Council will help you make the most out of your college experience. "RC" is a collaboration of students living in the same residence hall, along with Resident Assistants, the Resident Director, and Faculty in Residence (if applicable). Residence Council in the first-year residence halls also consist of three first-year residents who serve as RC Officers in the roles of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Your annual $20 Residence Council fee, payable during check-in, makes it possible for your Residence Hall Council to provide activities such as recreation tournaments (softball, broomball, ping pong, etc.), cultural programs, lectures, educational programs, movies, hall game shows, various trips and other activities all in your residence hall.

The Residence Hall Council in your hall will be only as active as you help make it. Your ideas and support can make the Residence Hall Council a valuable part of your community living experience. It’s a chance to explore your talents as a student leader.



Examples of RC Programs from Various Halls

homecoming Homecoming Float guts
 Holiday Fun
 2009 Olympics


Mortimer Health Club

Mortimer Health Club is located in the basement of Mortimer Hall and is free to use for students who belong to Residence Council (only $15 to be a member for the year).  The Health Club has a variety of nautilus machines, aerobic workout sessions, professional and student staff, and special programs.  Programs available in the health club consisted of guest speakers, education, contests, and intramural activities. 

Hours are posted in every residence hall.  See your RA or RD for more details.


Last Updated June 3, 2010

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