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Resident Assistant/Townhomes Assistant Job Description & Responsibilities

2016-2017 Resident Assistant Selection Process



1. Must be a full-time matriculated undergraduate with 12-18 credits per semester at the time of appointment.

2. Must have an overall GPA of 2.5 for your Brockport Institutional credits at the time of appointment. Transfer credits WILL NOT be taken into account.

3. Must have a minimum of one semester as an enrolled student at The College at Brockport at the time of appointment.

4. Must be in good disciplinary (student conduct) standing at The College at Brockport at time of appointment.

5. Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of appointment.

6. Recommended to have one semester of on-campus living.



1. Must be able to hold the position for at least two consecutive semesters.

2. Must complete within first year (highly preferred to complete first semester) as a Resident Assistant with a grade of C or better: EDC 302 Achieving Helping Relationships in the College Residence Halls.

3. Cannot student teach, participate in an internship, or perform a field experience that requires more than 15 hours weekly, while holding a student staff position.

4. May not hold a position of outside employment without prior written approval from your Resident Director.


REMUNERATION: (Subject To Change)

1. Full room waiver

2. Partial board waiver

* For those applicants receiving financial aid, please check with the Financial Aid Office to see how this position may affect your financial aid.


1.  Every candidate must attend one Information Session.  Information sessions are scheduled as follows:

Monday, 11/02
9:30 pm

MacVicar Smart Classroom

Thursday, 11/05
6:00 pm
McFarlane 1st Floor Lounge
Tuesday, 11/10
6:00 pm

Thompson Smart Classroom

Wednesday, 11/11 9:30 PM
McLean 1st Floor Lounge
Monday, 11/16
9:30 pm
Union 187
Tuesday, 11/17
6:00 pm
Perry 1st Floor Lounge
Tuesday, 12/01

Mortimer 1st floor lounge

Wednesday, 12/09 9:30 pm
Benedict/Dobson Lounge
Tuesday, January 26 6 PM
Harmon/Gordon Lounge
Wednesday, January 27 at 9:30 PM
Briggs 1st floor lounge

2.  After attending an information session you must fill out an Application. All Applications are due (electronically)Thursday, February 4th at 11:59pm.

3.  Every candidate must submit one recommendation form.  All Forms of Recommendation are due (electronically)Thursday, February 4th at 11:59pm.

4.  Every candidate must participate in Group Process.  Group Process is scheduled for Saturday, February 20th from 9am-2pm. Location: TBD.

5. Each candidate will have an interview on Friday, February 19th. Candidates with complete applications will be contacted to schedule their interview between 12pm-5pm on the 19th.

6. Candidates will be notified of status/placement on Friday, March 25th. All status letters will be sent to your BROCKPORT email address.


New Information:
The following prompts will be asked in the online application. You will not be able to start your application and return to it at a later date. Please review these prompts and be prepared to answer them when completing your application.

New RA Application question prompts:
1.  What are the most important functions of a Resident Assistant?
2. What is a residential community and how would you build and maintain it as a Resident Assistant?
3. What are some of the challenges that students living on-campus face?  How would you address these challenges as a Resident Assistant?
4. As a Resident Assistant, what would you do to create an inclusive environment among all students?  For examples:  LGBT, students of color, students from diverse socioeconomic statuses, students with disabilities, students with various religious beliefs and other underrepresented and diverse groups.
5. As a Resident Assistant, how would you contribute to the personal, academic, and social success of students?

Returning RA Application question prompts:

  1. What does being a Resident Assistant mean to you and your career goals?
  2. Please list and discuss:  1. Your accomplishments as a current staff member and 2. The contributions you plan to make in the upcoming year.
  3. What will you do to keep both morale and attitude at its best throughout the year?
  4. How will you intend to avoid burnout and remain motivated?
  5. In what ways would you support you RD, staff, and residents in the hall?

SRA Application question prompts:
All the Returning RA Questions plus the following:

  1. Why are you interested in the Senior RA position?
  2. What skills and ideas will you bring to the position?
  3. How will you support your RD in the Senior RA position?
  4. What do you hope to gain from the Senior RA position?
  5. How do you plan to challenge yourself in the Senior RA position?




For questions regarding the RA Selection Application Process, please contact RA Selection Committee at


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