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Learning Outcomes

Thus, the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities developed a Residential Education Curriculum that contributes to student success by promoting engagement, holistic student development and learning. Drafting of learning outcomes for residential students, specific residential populations and student leaders provide direction and intention to the work of our professional and student staff. Research indicates that the more students are involved on campus, the more likely they are to persist to graduation. More importantly, engagement helps less well prepared students succeed. Essentially, this Residential Education Curriculum focuses on student needs within a group as well as individually.


learning outcomes


Residential students will be able to:

  • Identify as a contributing member of the residence hall and campus community by feeling connected and forming positive relationships with faculty, staff and students.
  • Describe and demonstrate healthy habits in relation to alcohol/substances, nutrition, stress, fitness, relationships, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Explore social justice, diversity and multicultural education issues.
  • Examine their individual identity through the identification of personal/professional/social/academic goals and values.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of policies, procedures and expectations of living in a residence hall community including respect, responsibility and personal accountability.
  • Additional First Year Learning Outcomes:

  • Use and connect information gained in Summer Orientation, Welcome Weekend and Residence Halls events to gain familiarity with the campus.
  • Practice appropriate health and wellness behaviors in regards to alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Relate increased levels of independence and maturity to college in contrast to high school experience.
  • Additional Upper-Class StudentLearning Outcomes:

  • Locate resources to secure opportunities for study abroad, internships, major declaration and career development.
  • Identify areas of interest and involvement on and off campus (clubs, organizations, etc).
  • Discover steps and resources to prepare for life after graduation including financial literacy.

    Building community that fosters engagement, learning and satisfaction.


    Last Updated February 1, 2012

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