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Student Townhomes Selection 2014-2015


2014-2015 Townhomes Layout (pdf)

February 21st at 4pm -deadline to pay Townhomes deposit in the Office of Student Accounts. You may also call them at (585) 395-2473 

February 23 at 11:59pm
- deadline to submit Townhomes application

Townhome Information Sessions & Important Dates

*Please note: You do not need to come to the full session, feel free to stop by just to ask some questions!

Sunday, February 2nd 8pm-9pm

Townhomes Community Center

Monday, February 3rd 9pm-10pm

Harmon Hall Lobby

Tuesday, February 4th @ Noon Union Square

Tuesday, February 4th 9pm-10pm

Gordon Hall Lobby

Wednesday, February 5th 9pm-10pm

Mortimer Hall Lobby

Thursday, February 6th 5pm-6pm Harrison Dining Hall

Thursday, February 6th 9pm-10pm

Bramley Hall Lobby

Sunday, February 9th 8pm-10pm*

Townhomes Show Case @ The Townhomes Community Center (Come see how you could be living!)*

Townhomes Tango @ The Townhomes Community Center - Come meet people to complete your packet!**

Monday, February 10th @ Noon Union Square

Monday, February 10th 9pm-10pm

Briggs Hall Lobby

Tuesday, February 11th 9pm-10pm Perry Hall Lobby

Wednesday, February 19th @ Noon

Union Square


All students on the application must:
Junior & Senior Status, minimum of 54 credits at move-in
Be pre-registered for Fall 2014 by 5/15/14
Be eligible to live in the residence hall system
Pay the $100.00 Advance Housing Deposit in the Office of Student Accounts by 2/21/14 at 5:00PM. You may also call them at (585) 395-2473 


Rankings are based on class year and total credit hours earned toward a Brockport baccalaureate program by each student, at the end of the Fall 2013 semester.
Credits earned are added up and combined for the students in each application group.
*** Complete packets of 4 people will be ranked before incomplete applications. Individuals, pairs, or groups of three will be added to the townhomes waiting list for consideration after the initial selection process has been completed.

What’s Included:

The Student Townhomes houses 208 students in 52 units.
Each air-conditioned unit is fully furnished and contain four single bedrooms, two full bathrooms, washer and dryer, full kitchen and living room/dining area.
A Community Center contains mailboxes, a lounge / multipurpose room, and the Townhomes Coordinator's and Townhomes Assistants' Offices.
Full Kitchen Appliances:  Including Full-Size Refrigerator, Stove/Oven, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Vacuum Cleaner
Wired and Wireless Internet
Cable, Phone and Voice-Mail Services
Utilities Included (Heat, Water and Electric)
Wall-to-wall carpeting throughout (except in kitchen and bathrooms)
Click here for more information


$4,430.00 per semester, per person   (subject to change)

Scholarship Students:  Students receiving an Extraordinary Academic Scholarship (Presidential, Dean’s, Recognition) or Honors Scholarship should contact Adam Standish to see how your scholarship might be impacted by living in the townhomes.  Most scholarship students will have a reduction in their scholarship if they decide to reside in the townhomes.  To see if your scholarship will be affected, please call (585) 395-5414 or email

Meal Plans: Students residing in the Student Townhomes are not required to have an on-campus meal plan. There are options specifically designed for Student Townhomes residents, if interested. Please visit BASC for more information.

Please note: The Student Townhomes Agreement is binding for one full academic year, August 2014 to May 2015.

Housing Deposit:

All students (including scholarship students) must pay the $100.00 Advance Housing Deposit at the Office of Student Accounts by 5:00pm on February 20.

Please note:
Students in EOP must obtain a deposit waiver from the EOP Office.
Housing deposits will not be refunded.
Refund requests must be submitted in writing to our office.

Ready to begin?

Each member of the group needs to submint an application. Make sure you have identified a Townhome Captain, who will receive correspondence regarding your status and priority number for selection. Also, please make sure you CONFIRM all roommates in the application.

Click HERE to apply for the Townhomes for the 2014/2015 Academic Year

The Student Townhomes Application for 2014/2015 is NOW CLOSED! The wait-list will appear, once you either fill out the Transfer or Returning Student Application for Fall 2014.

If you have any questions, please email


Please contact Tracy Gavin,, Coordinator of Student Townhomes, with any questions regarding the Student Townhomes.