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Brockport / Student Retention / Mission & Goals

Office of Student Retention: Mission & Goals


The Office of Student Retention is committed to providing and assessing a comprehensive educational experience that promotes both the academic and co-curricular success and engagement of all (first-year, second-year, and transfer-year) students.



The Office of Student Retention supports students in transition through intentional programming to enhance the students' development of class affinity and college identity. Student Retention oversees the First-year, Second-year, and Transfer-year Experience as well as the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). Within the department of Student Retention (not including OSD) there are four professionals and one support staff. An additional two professional and one support staff works in the OSD Office. Student Retention manages approximately 10 student workers, 2 math tutors, and 2 BCEC interns in addition to the 18-20 overnight hosts.


2010-2011 GOALS

Academic Quality & Engagement

  • Begin investigation of Early Warning/Intervention System
  • Create comprehensive retention report

Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services

  • 86% one-year retention rate of the 2010 freshman cohort
  • 77% two-year retention for 2009 FT freshman cohort
  • 70% four-year graduation rate for 2007 FT transfer cohort

A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness

  • Gain national recognition for retention efforts

Learning Environment & Quality of Place

  • Close the SSSP gap



Academic Quality & Engagement

  • Develop an Early Warning System that uses available technology to identify, track and intervene with at-risk students
  • Within the faculty advisement system and to meet institutional enrollment and revenue targets, provide support to student identified as academically at risk
  • Support students' successful completion of first semester coursework with shared academic experiences
  • Help students form supportive peer groups
  • Provide authentic leadership experiences and to meet overall institutional enrollment and revenue targets
  • Provide growth opportunities, a leadership training ground, and resources for qualified students
  • Provide opportunities for development of leadership skills

Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services

  • Provide pre-enrolled student and their families with timely and relevant information that can promote their success
  • Meet institutional enrollment and revenue targets and promote student engagement
  • Provide an early opportunity for APS students and their mentors to engage in a meaningful discussion about the summer reading in the context of their transition to the College
  • Infuse alcohol awareness within programs

A Culture of Philanthropy & Alumni Connectedness

  • Encourage class affinity by providing class-specific opportunities
  • Encourage parent/family engagement in students' experiences

Learning Environment & Quality of Place

  • Provide smooth transitions for students leaving and reentering the College
  • Support pre-semester efforts to increase student/College "fit" as well as overall success
  • Maintain space (Transfer/Retention Center and Student Success Center) that aligns with and supports student needs
  • Provide opportunities for faculty/staff input regarding retention efforts
  • Provide a common academic experience for each incoming freshman class
  • Provide timely, consistent and open communication to feeder institutions
  • Provide authentic leadership experiences and to meet overall institutional enrollment and revenue targets

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