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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Victims of Anxiety Disorders and Major Depression and their Vulnerability to Addition

The usual culprits of addiction are alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics. Singly or in combination, these tangible substances drive addicted individuals to all lengths necessary to satisfy their cravings. There are, however, other options potentially addictive to victims of anxiety disorders and major depression: emotional dependence on family and friends; impulsive spending; and leisure. Healthy activities to a certain point, these actions offer rewards that soon become indispensable to victims of anxiety disorders and depression. Such victims eventually find that former emotional outlets and methods to combat depressive episodes or panic attacks become disturbing problems; these problems, in turn, worsen the very conditions which necessitate recourse to emotional outlets and uplifting activities. Therefore, victims of anxiety disorders and major depression are vulnerable to addiction to both harmful, tangible substances (alcohol, tobacco, and drugs) and heavy dependence on activities that involve communication, money, and leisure.

Presenter: Otiti Ovuewhorie (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: English
Location: 122 Hartwell
Time: 4:15 pm (Session V)