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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Obesity: The Epidemic Destroying America

In 2005, obesity surpassed smoking as the main preventable cause of illness and premature death in the United States. Researchers estimate that if current rates are maintained, one hundred percent of adults will be overweight or obese by 2230. Many factors contribute to this increasing prevalence, but the primary driving force behind this epidemic is poor lifestyle behaviors. Excess weight lays the foundation for a variety of secondary conditions, most notably cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This thesis investigates the magnitude of the obesity epidemic, its negative impact on America, causes, risk factors, keys to prevention, and current treatments. The risks and benefits of extreme treatment, such as gastric bypass surgery, are also discussed.

Presenter: Nicole Larose (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Honors Program
Location: 104 Holmes
Time: 9:40 am (Session I)