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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Modeling Behavior of Concurrent Systems to Facilitate Traceable Java Implementation

The Software Engineering Effectiveness Model (SEEMŽ) provides modeling techniques that have been proved over the years to be fully traceable to Java implementations. Traceability ensures smooth transition between the main stages of software development, it leads to a high quality code, and it makes change handling easier. However, the above mentioned technique has been thoroughly studied on single-threaded systems (systems with one flow of control). If a multi-threaded system is to be designed and implemented, then the mutual interaction between the different entities requires different modeling technique in order to ensure consistent access to data, maintain data integrity, and prevent deadlocks and livelocks. This talk will present a technique that ensures traceability throughout the analysis, design and implementation of multi-threaded systems based on already existing techniques and SEEMŽ. The technique is researched in the context of an on-going software project that aims to create an electronic version of a journal.

Presenter: Stefan Christov (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Honors Program
Location: 104 Holmes
Time: 9:50 am (Session I)