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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Datacube Application

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) enables client applications to efficiently access this data. Software developers face a four-fold challenge when they are asked to create an OLAP-based custom reporting solution. First, the solution must be able to connect with, and query, a multidimensional data source. Secondly, it must allow the user to drill down into the data with flexibility and ease. Thirdly, it must let the user save a custom drill-down report. Fourthly, the solution must provide a readable interface that includes charts. A fifth requirement is that OLAP-based reporting solutions be Web based; that is, it should be implemented as a server-based Web application and be accessible from a Web browser. DATACUBE APPLICATION is a web application with a graphical interface to analyze a cube data. In this presentation we will discuss how we stored the data in the database and how we analyzed the data using OLAP.

Presenter: Ravi Rasu (Graduate Student)
Topic: Computer Science
Location: 107 Holmes
Time: 1:30 pm (Session III)