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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Special Education: Are We Doing Enough for Our Children

Special education has taken many forms throughout history. People with special needs have gone from being abandoned, to being abused, to being educated. Knowing this history leads to a greater understanding of how special education has become as important as it is today. Nowadays there are many services available for both students and families revolving around children with special needs. Even though special education services may be the best they have ever been, there is always room for improvement. Special education teachers know better than anybody what goes on in classrooms with special needs students. If the teachers had more input regarding special education services and regulations, students may better benefit from special education. Based on questionnaires filled out by special education teachers, there are changes that can be made to improve special education services in the future.

Presenter: Abbie Harrington (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Honors Program
Location: 104 Holmes
Time: 9:20 am (Session I)