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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Women Journalists as War Correspondants

Throughout history, women have struggled in many aspects of society, including the struggle for equality among men, for respect, and for success. In the field of journalism, both print and broadcast, the same struggles mirror the society of the times. In a time where great limitations were placed upon women, it took the courage and bravery of pioneers to help shape the future for aspiring female journalists. Within the 20th century, women such as Martha Gellhorn and Liz Trotta established groundbreaking achievements for the field of journalism, but more importantly for women journalists who aspired to become war correspondents. This study compares the lives of these two women, as well as with current opportunities and credibility of women journalists as news reporters and war correspondents.

Presenter: Kelly Sabetta (Undergraduate Student)
Location: 216 Holmes
Time: 9:55 am (Session I)