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Scholars Day 2006, Wednesday, April 12

Building Effective Faculty/Student Relationships

“Learner-centered teaching” encourages college teachers to reconsider the type of relationships they have with their students. According to learner-centered pedagogy, the best teachers should not simply deliver course content but instead focus on whether students are successfully able to understand and apply the concepts and ideas explored in their courses. Since all students learn in different ways, the learner-centered approach requires that professors view their students as unique individuals and more than just someone taking up a seat in their class. Inevitably, this approach demands that there be a personal dimension to the relationship between professors and students as the former seek ways to help the latter learn the material. The personal dimension can be difficult to navigate and manage. Therefore, there needs to be some understanding about the elements of a productive working relationship between college teachers and their students. This presentation will first outline the scholarly benefits for those faculty and students who are able to establish effective relationships. Second, the presenters will discuss some “do’s” and “dont's” from both the faculty and student perspective.

Presenters: Christopher Price (Staff)
Michael Pusateri, Jr (Graduate Student)
Topic: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
Location: 106A Edwards
Time: 2:30 pm (Session IV)