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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

Physico-Chemical Conditions in Selected Surface Waters of San Salvador, the Bahamas

San Salvador has complex water tables and surface water formations. The chemical composition of surface water is determined by rates of evaporation, precipitation and dissolution, as well as by inputs from conduits, tides, and channels from nearby lakes. Six water bodies were chosen for analysis of pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, nitrate, phosphate and selected cations. They fell into two categories (confirmed by Mg/Ca ratios and thermal imaging): non-conduit-associated lakes influenced by relative rates of precipitation and evaporation that result in higher than seawater salinities, and conduit-linked lakes with salinity, temperature and pH values close to those of seawater.

Presenters: James Haynes (Faculty)
Richard Smith (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Environmental Science
Location: 104 Edwards
Time: 9 am (Session I)