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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

Teaching & Identity A Cultural Studies Approach to Historical and Popular Representations

Students and faculty from the Foundations of Education class in the Department of Education and Human Development will present scholarship examining the construction of the teacher identity through a cultural studies approach. Cultural studies recognizes that educational systems are situated in the context of culture, knowledge, and power and seeks to investigate the relationship between schooling, education, popular culture and society with interpretive, normative, critical and comparative theory and methods. Presentors will share their work of how we make meaning of the teacher identity by critically examining issues of representation in popular culture, historical context and personal narrative.

Presenters: Abbey Blackburn (Undergraduate Student)
Lindsey Brown (Undergraduate Student)
Lyndsey Geary (Undergraduate Student)
Holly Manaseri (Faculty)
Topic: Education and Human Development
Location: 106 Holmes
Time: 9:20 am (Session I)