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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

Research, Mathematics, and Computer Anxiety: A Comparison of Undergraduate Majors at SUNY Brockport

Previous studies indicate that students are apprehensive toward research methods courses. Because success in a research course is affected by someone’s ability to understand some basic statistics as well as having an understanding of computers for data entry and analysis, math and computer anxiety are important factors to consider. This poster session presents survey research that compared students’ levels of research anxiety, mathematics anxiety, and computer anxiety across a variety of undergraduate programs at SUNY Brockport. Social work majors enrolled in SWO 310 administered the surveys to 340 undergraduate students in 24 research methods classes during fall 2006. In addition, various students will present their research findings on the relationship between relevant demographic variables (i.e. majors, transfer status, parental status, residential status, etc.) and levels of anxiety. Major findings reveal that most undergraduate students enrolled in research method courses at SUNY Brockport tend to have ‘moderate’ levels of research, math and computer anxiety.

Presenters: Mark Antinore (Undergraduate Student)
Carmen Aponte (Faculty)
Ellie Bawarski (Undergraduate Student)
Jason Dauenhauer (Faculty)
Traci Davis-Taylor (Undergraduate Student)
John Demby (Undergraduate Student)
John Kantrowski (Undergraduate Student)
Michelle Karch (Undergraduate Student)
Margaret Lonnen (Undergraduate Student)
Corey Lorenzo (Undergraduate Student)
Kory MacGeorge (Undergraduate Student)
Stacey Perrotta (Undergraduate Student)
Marjorie Stout (Undergraduate Student)
Carolyn Zon (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Social Work
Location: Fireside Lounge, Union
Time: 9 am (Session I)