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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

Lake Effect Snow From Lake Champlain

The conditions that lead to winter lake effect systems that come from large lakes (e.g., Great Lakes) are fairly well understood. Recent investigations of lake-effect systems over midsized lakes, such as the Great Salt Lake have resulted in an increased understanding of these systems and their differences from large lake systems. Although there are many small lakes located in the mid-latitudes, very few studies have examined the role in development of local lake-effect precipitation. The goal of this project is to compare Lake Champlain event characteristics with the better understood forecasting thresholds for the Great Lakes. Lake effect snow band intensity and duration will be determined from 2005 to the present with the Burlington, VT Doppler radar along with environmental conditions derived form the NWS upper air data and USGS gauging station.

Presenter: Brooke Zegarelli (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Earth Science
Location: 306 Lennon
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)