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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

Measuring Implicit Attitudes Using PowerPoint

Implicit measures provide an effective means of measuring attitudes and can be used to assess validity of attitude scales. Using Payne’s (2005) Affect Misattribution Procedure (AMP), a proven method of determining implicit attitudes, we tested the validity of our “Attitude Toward Hillary Clinton Scale.” This paper discusses and demonstrates a fundamental change to the AMP, the simultaneous testing of a group of participants, and reports significant correlation, demonstrating effectiveness of the AMP when using a classroom projector and PowerPoint slideshow. This more efficient method of application than the one-participant-at-a-time method usually required streamlines research and maximizes researcher output.

Presenters: Herbert Fink (Faculty)
Franklin Knapp (Graduate Student)
Topic: Psychology
Location: 107 Holmes
Time: 1:30 pm (Session III)