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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

Communication for Children with Autism

Around 40% of children with Autism do not speak at all which creates a large barrier to communication. Children with Autism are known to sometimes communicate through the use of communication or picture boards. During one of our on campus field experiences for physical education, the Swim N Gym program in which schools in the area bus participating students to SUNY Brockport on Friday mornings, we have found a great advantage to using such boards. Through the use of these boards we have found a higher success rate and better behavior during the program by not just the students with Autism but all students who have been exposed to them and attend. This session will provide the necessary background needed to create, appropriately implement and see the results through the use of communication boards.

Presenters: Dean Bowen (Graduate Student)
Lauren Evans (Graduate Student)
Jennifer Heim (Graduate Student)
Lauren Lieberman (Faculty)
Topic: Physical Education and Sport
Location: 105 Edwards
Time: 9:55 am (Session I)