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Scholars Day 2007, Wednesday, April 11

The Individual and the Community

This paper analyzes and evaluates the creative processes of two master dance artists, Anna Halprin and Liz Lerman. Through her research, the presenter discovered how Anna Halprin nurtures the individual to support community growth and Liz Lerman nurtures the community to support the individualís growth. The analysis includes a comparison of Halprinís and Lermanís intentions of community development and the benefits for the community members. By benefits, the presenter specifically refers to how the dance experience affected the life and outlook of the community and individual participants. Some benefits may include self-identification among groups, connections to surrounding environments, awareness of commonalities and differences within group situations, and discovery of the ways dance communicates to participants and audience members. This paper includes brief biographical sketches of Halprin and Lerman, explanations of their community workshops with examples of specific projects, and an analysis of the benefits for both the community members and artists.

Presenter: Kelly Ferris (Graduate Student)
Topic: Dance
Location: Hartwell Strasser Dance Studio
Time: 9 am (Session I)