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Scholars Day 2008, Wednesday, April 9

Local Government Problems and Solutions in the Rochester Metropolitan Area: An Examination and Discussion with a Regional Perspective

Proposal Abstract: The students who will participate in this presentation are currently enrolled in the graduate course entitled Intergovernmental Relations (PAD 683) and the instructor for this course is the presentation sponsor, David Keefe. The course for the Spring 2008 semester has been designed with the theme of this presentation as a central feature of the course content and student teams will explore various aspects of this topic during the semester prior to Scholars Day. The panel of four students will represent their respective in-class teams after selection by their peers. Student teams will present their analyses and findings on various topics including the following: Historical events, individuals, factions, and other influences that have shaped the governmental organizations and environment in the Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Metropolitan Fiscal Problems and Solutions Consolidation of Services/Shared Services Metropolitan/Regional Government Solutions This general topic is particularly relevant at this time given the fiscal pressures facing all levels of government and especially local governments in our region. There is a rising demand for services in most areas of local government at the same time that the cost of service delivery is increasing due to factors such as rising health care and energy costs. However, these increased costs are occurring in an environment with seemingly inelastic sources of revenues, especially concerning property taxes and intergovernmental aid. These problems create political conflict and often undermine collaboration and cooperative problem solving in a number of different contexts: city vs. suburb, County vs. school districts, Republican vs. Democrat, among others.

Presenters: Michael Condello (Graduate Student)
David Keefe (Faculty)
Jamie Romeo (Graduate Student)
Christina Sydor (Graduate Student)
Rachel Walker (Graduate Student)
Topic: Public Administration
Location: Grand Hallway, MetroCenter
Time: 6 pm (Session VI)