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Scholars Day 2008, Wednesday, April 9

Distinctly American: Flim-Flam, Charlatans and Entrepreneurs, American Entertainment in the Nineteenth Century

Horse races on stage, travel up the Hudson, special effects and the promise of the extraordinary; this was the stuff of American entertainment in the 1800ís. Through illustrations from the period, contemporary advertisement, broadsides, print and diaristís commentary members of the American Theatre class will offer insight into our uniquely American popular entertainment and the ways in which it exemplifies the nineteenth century character of the populace.

Presenters: Derrick Belkin (Undergraduate Student)
Jessica Del Valle-Cuevas (Undergraduate Student)
Brandon Gary (Undergraduate Student)
Lisabeth Larkin (Undergraduate Student)
Martin Lewis (Undergraduate Student)
Kerry McKee (Undergraduate Student)
Danielle Metallo (Undergraduate Student)
Drew Orellano (Undergraduate Student)
James Potter (Undergraduate Student)
P Gibson Ralph (Faculty)
Nicholas Randazzo (Undergraduate Student)
Jason Simpson (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Theatre
Location: 105 Edwards
Time: 9:20 am (Session I)