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Scholars Day 2008, Wednesday, April 9

Miracle in the Adirondacks

Inspired by the 2007 Freshman Summer reading book, Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado, nine freshmen ventured to the Adirondack Mountains in October to climb New York State’s second highest peak. Along the way, the nine strangers bonded over the experience, similar to how Parrado and the other survivors of the 1972 plane crash united to overcome great obstacles. These nine freshmen wish to share their experience, the long hike and difficult climb into a winter-like landscape with Parrado on their minds the entire time. Throughout the trip, each hiker identifies personally with one or more of the sixteen survivors. Although not as tragic of circumstances, the trip opened the students’ minds, tested their physical and mental strength and limits and created a bond that they still share.

Presenters: Ryan Held (Undergraduate Student)
Jessie Kehl (Undergraduate Student)
Ashley Rood (Undergraduate Student)
Carey Schmidt (Undergraduate Student)
Evan Squires (Undergraduate Student)
Drew Tschetter (Undergraduate Student)
Matt Vogt (Undergraduate Student)
Tricia Warren (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Freshman Summer Reading Program
Location: 120 Hartwell
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)