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Scholars Day 2008, Wednesday, April 9

Modern Film Still Reinforcing Sexism in Society

This paper discusses how contemporary films continue to reinforce sexist ideas in society. It analyzes women’s representation in the films “Fight Club” and “Charlie’s Angels.” In “Fight Club,” the role of Marla Sanger is analyzed as well as the lack of women in the club itself. Specifically, the derogatory language used, such as men calling other men in the club “pussies,” is evaluated to see how women are portrayed. In “Charlie’s Angels,” the three women who are the angels are presented as strong, independent women; however, this paper demonstrates that underneath that glamorous surface, all three women are typical slender beauties. Ultimately, this paper shows that although the ideological messages in these films may be subtle and indirect, they are sexist and often affect how women are viewed in society.

Presenter: Jillian Coughenour (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Film Studies
Location: 204 Holmes
Time: 3:15 pm (Session IV)