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Scholars Day 2008, Wednesday, April 9

Marketing Plan Smorgasbord

Seven student groups present their marketing plans designed for local businesses and organizations. The groups develop creative and appropriate marketing strategies that are designed to fit the environmental factors that confront their clients.

Presenters: Dominique Barberio (Undergraduate Student)
Matthew Barrett (Undergraduate Student)
Kimberly Becker (Undergraduate Student)
Samantha Cangialosi (Undergraduate Student)
Nicole Compton (Undergraduate Student)
Joanne Coriddi (Undergraduate Student)
Jeremaine Curry (Undergraduate Student)
Kimberly Cutter (Undergraduate Student)
Douangphachanh Daoreuang (Undergraduate Student)
Nathan Emblidge (Undergraduate Student)
Melissa Fuller (Undergraduate Student)
John Gardner (Faculty)
Heather Gharet (Undergraduate Student)
Sherod Harris (Undergraduate Student)
Jeannie Hoffman (Undergraduate Student)
Cody Holliday (Undergraduate Student)
Francesca Iraci (Undergraduate Student)
Lauren Jeckovich (Undergraduate Student)
Lisa Julian (Undergraduate Student)
Natalie Jumpp (Undergraduate Student)
Jenna Landahl (Undergraduate Student)
Jonathon Lefort (Undergraduate Student)
Scott Lightfoote (Undergraduate Student)
Ryan O'Rourke (Undergraduate Student)
Justin Oliver (Undergraduate Student)
Kyle Peck (Undergraduate Student)
Sung Quach (Undergraduate Student)
Troy Richardson (Undergraduate Student)
Justin Romagnola (Undergraduate Student)
Marissa Sarcone (Undergraduate Student)
Richard Straitiff (Undergraduate Student)
Sara Stryffeler (Undergraduate Student)
Carly Sysol (Undergraduate Student)
Sarah Tinkham (Undergraduate Student)
David Whipple (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Business
Location: 123 Hartwell
Time: 2:30 pm (Session IV)