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Scholars Day 2008, Wednesday, April 9

Assessing the Causes and Impacts of Climate Change: DCC 400 Technology and Society poster session

This session consists of nine posters authored by students in the Fall 2007 DCC 400 “Technology and Society.” All projects analyze some aspect of climate change and include original maps produced with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Topics include agriculture in Madagascar, aquatic vegetation in the Chesepeake Bay, elevation and maple syrup production, sea turtle habitat in Florida, impacts of sea-level rise on Long Island, climate change and the ski industry, ice cover in the great lakes, extent of sea-level rise in New York City, and atmospheric warming and violent crime.

Presenters: Hilary Barnard (Undergraduate Student)
Jeremy Becker (Undergraduate Student)
Jennifer Buskus (Undergraduate Student)
Kelly Carter (Undergraduate Student)
Devon Davidson (Undergraduate Student)
Amy Guptill (Faculty)
Mallory Hart (Undergraduate Student)
Ashley Herman (Undergraduate Student)
Alexandra Hinckley (Undergraduate Student)
David Horak (Undergraduate Student)
Laura Keller (Undergraduate Student)
Rebecca Kopf (Undergraduate Student)
Emma Krisher (Undergraduate Student)
Claudia Alvarez Manilla Lazcano (Undergraduate Student)
Matthew McKenney (Undergraduate Student)
Lara Metcalf (Undergraduate Student)
Milen Nikolov (Undergraduate Student)
Audrey Ouellette (Undergraduate Student)
Paul Richards (Faculty)
Caitlin Roberts (Undergraduate Student)
Jessica Rositano (Undergraduate Student)
Timothy Royce (Undergraduate Student)
Ronald Ruffino Jr. (Undergraduate Student)
Kelly Titcomb (Undergraduate Student)
Daniel Trapasso (Undergraduate Student)
Jill West (Undergraduate Student)
Jessica Weyandt (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Delta College
Location: Fireside Lounge, Seymour Union
Time: 1:15 pm (Session III)