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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

HIV/AIDS and African Americans

This presentation has been developed to raise awareness on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the African American community. HIV/AIDS has become a pandemic sweeping the nation and taking the poor, young, and productive citizens of our country. HIV/AIDS has been a social disease since 1981 in the United States. African Americans make up about 13% of the US population but they account for about 49% of people who contract HIV and AIDS. Of all racial and ethnic groups in the United States, African Americans experience the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS. The reasons are not directly related to race or ethnicity but rather some of the barriers faced by many African Americans. These barriers can include poverty, high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, and stigmas or negative attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS. As the impact of the epidemic among African Americans has grown, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local public health agencies, and African American communities have stepped up efforts to address this crisis. This presentation will address the incidence of HIV and AIDS in the African American community and the prevention efforts currently underway to reduce the risks.

Presenter: Toni Graham (Graduate Student)
Topic: Health Science
Location: 314 MetroCenter
Time: 6 pm (Session VI)