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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Producing Perceptions: The Art of Traditional-style Documentary Filmmaking

The researcher will present a ten-minute documentary film that he has been producing over the past two semesters. The piece revolves around the College at Brockportís first ever public naturalization and what becoming a U.S. citizen has meant to those involved in the event. The presentation however will not be about naturalization. His presentation is intended to reflect the challenges he has had as a filmmaker with regard to creating a piece that presents a past eventís facts and emotions as accurately as possible. The presentationís goal is to give its audience enough of a background in the production phases of a documentary that the audience can judge for itself whether or not he has been successful in crafting the documentary film.

Presenter: Sean Bowerman (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Communication
Location: 127 Hartwell
Time: 9:30 am (Session I)