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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

It's All In Your Head: How Mental Preparation Affects Performance in Athletes

This paper seeks to explore an understanding of how mental preparation affects the overall performance of the athlete. Athletes work hard to develop specificity and expertise in their content of interest. Usually the pressure to do well and be able to show off their hard work is heavy on occasions when they are performing on a stage, running in a meet, or playing in a competitive game. Highly skilled athletes from dance to team sports on the Brockport campus were asked to give insight on their thoughts and actions right before their big moment. Finding out if they have favorite music selections, superstitious tricks, or simply a routine of chatting with friends helps to define and compare and contrast each individual, team, and group. Their answers are compared to how research suggests to successfully prepare athletes for their time to shine.

Presenter: Ashley Hacker (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Dance
Location: Hartwell Dance Theater
Time: 2:30 pm (Session IV)