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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Programming Decency - The FCC and Television Censorship

This presentation discusses the creation and legitimacy of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as well as the touchy relationship it holds with both the Federal Government and the American public. Following the FCC's consolidation of regulatory powers in radio, this study examines the extension of powers into the medium of television via Supreme Court rulings. These cases supplied the FCC with the powers necessary to effectively regulate all broadcast mediums. These powers often resulted in censorship, both directly and indirectly. This study also explores many of the issues and complications that come with regulating the unique audio/visual aspects that come with television. It questions the FCC's definitions of obscenity and decency through past and current examples of FCC enforcement of its subjective policies.

Presenters: Charles LoFaso (Graduate Student)
Sean Maloney (Graduate Student)
Patrick Pittman (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: History
Location: 123 Hartwell
Time: 9 am (Session I)