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Scholars Day: April 15, 2009

Relational Aggression: The Hidden Nature of Victimization and Perpetration in Schools

Relational aggression consists of behaviors initiated by individuals and/or groups in an attempt to punish or retaliate against someone and isolate them from their primary group of affiliation or to thwart individual or group goals. Victims and perpetrators of relationally aggressive acts are at higher risk for developing psychological disorders and maladaptive social functioning. The development of comprehensive interventions that address both physical and relationally aggressive behavior relies upon the inclusion of measures that address the covert nature in which relational aggression occurs. This presentation will focus on a review of the literature that is critical to the assessment of relational aggression. The impact of relationally aggressive behaviors on psychosocial functioning will also be discussed. This presentation can benefit those who aspire to become teachers, psychologists, and counselors as well as sociologists interested in addressing violence in our society.

Presenter: Linda Green (Undergraduate Student)
Topic: Psychology
Location: 12 Hartwell
Time: 2 pm (Session III)